Nicaragua and Panama Fixer Film Production Services

Over the past 20 years we've made it our mission to connect with the right people and learn everything there is to know about filming in Nicaragua, Panama and across Central America. Whether you're looking to shoot a small commercial or a feature film, we can help you find the right locations and the right expertise to make it happen.

Our services range from fixing logistics and locations for visiting international production companies, all the way to full-scale Producing with talented local crews.

Whatever you need, just ask.

Fixer and Production Support

Planning and Budgeting

Our in-house team are experts in maximising your production budget and enabling you to concentrate on what you do best. We can help you keep track of costs and plan your spending, as well accessing Tax Rebates and Location Fee Waivers wherever possible.

We're here to keep things on time and within budget.

Location scouting and Location management

We're locally based and have spent decades finding unique and spectacular locations in Panama, Nicaragua and across Central America. We'll work with you in pre-production to research and scout the perfect locations for your production, and we’ll be there to make sure you have everything you need in place for the day of the shoot.

Legislation and Film Permits

We'll help you to navigate the paperwork and legal requirements for filming in Panama, Nicaragua and further afield, so you can avoid any unnecessary delays during your shoot. This includes:

  • Ensuring Airport Clearance when you arrive
  • Film permit Nicaragua, film permit Panama and other location permits
  • Managing contracts and insurance
  • Clearing shipments or exports
  • Any local legal requirements

Transport, Accommodation and Travel Planning

We work in tandem with our sister travel company, Vapues Tours, giving us privileged access and rates for some of the best facilities, hotels and remote lodges in the region.

We also have our own fleet of modern vehicles, including SUV's suitable for rural terrain, and can arrange trucks, boats, helicopters and planes with minimal fuss.

You'll have a dedicated Travel Planner to make sure things run efficiently and cost-effectively, as well a fixer and translator to solve any unexpected problems along the way.

Professional Crew and Equipment Rental

Over the years, we’ve built a network of the best English-speaking film professionals in the region, ready to join your crew as needed. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll find the best people for the job.

We can also arrange Production Rooms and Equipment Rental locally, including drone rental and drone operators.


We can provide drivers, translators, catering, security, emergency medical technician, nature experts and pretty much anything else you could think of for your shoot. We can also help with casting for local actors and extras.

Film Producing

These days it's not always easy to send your crew abroad, so we can offer a full-service Production package for your project.

We work with a trusted network of professionals in Panama and Nicaragua, and can assemble a local crew including Fixer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Digital Imaging Technician, Camera Assistant, Casting Director and Stills Photographer.

We'll work with you remotely to ensure that your production comes to life.